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The Order Of The Magi, the third magical Society to be formed in England, was founded in Manchester by a small band of enthusiasts in 1909, since then it has grown to such an extent that it is now one of the largest and best respected in the country.

The title of the Society is taken from the followers of the cult of Zoroaster, who were called Magicians or Magi, and practised the art of Magic two thousand years ago.

The Order possesses the enviable record of being the only organisation of its kind which, since its inception, has never missed holding a regular monthly meeting, nor issuing its monthly journal, a bulletin which is read in both the Old and New Worlds.

It numbers amongst its members many amateur and professional performers of repute; men who have added lustre to the literature on the art of Magic, and unselfishly contributed their inventive genius to its furtherance. In joining the Society, new members not only gain the valuable privilege of admittance to fellowship with such men, but have an obligation to carry on the grand old tradition of the Order, by taking active part in the meetings, whether held in private or open to the general public; by a willingness to undertake any reasonable duties when called upon; by guarding such secrets as may be entrusted to them.

These days only by strictly refraining from exposure of the methods of conjuring can we hope to retain the interest of the public in a unique form of entertainment which has been handed down through the centuries; and, by working continuously towards the ideals set forth in our Objects, we trust to advance the Art of Magic and raise the status of our brother magicians the world over.